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Q. What browsers work best with this site?
A. The site is optimised for Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 3.3.2. It also works well with Safari and Chrome. We intend to maintain the site’s compatibility with the latest versions of all the major browsers. Please contact us if you are having difficulties with your browser, stating its name and version number and a brief description of the problem.

Q. The code from the back of my textbook doesn’t work.
A. The code is not case-sensitive, but make sure you don’t confuse I with 1, or O with 0.

Q. I have lost my textbook and can’t find the number to input.
A. Ask your teacher – all copies of any given textbook have the same code.

Q. I cannot register to get online.
A. Have you entered a valid email address? You cannot validate your account until you click through from the link in the email we will send you at the address you want to use.

Q. I cannot find some of the resources I have seen in the classroom.
A. Not all resources featured on the network editions of Dynamic Learning titles are available for students to view online. Network editions are licensed for use on the network of the purchasing centre and as individual installs on teachers’ work machines.

Q. The advanced search does not bring up the resources I expected.
A. Have you clicked ‘clear search’ before starting? If you have undertaken a previous search, the original search criteria will have been remembered and may distort the result.

Q. My browser keeps giving me messages about popups being blocked.
A. Click to allow all popups for this site – resources provided by us should not compromise your PC.

Q. Videos don’t play back smoothly.
A. Let the video download fully from the site, then rewind and play it again. The speed at which the video streams depends upon your broadband connection.

Q. My downloads are restricted. How can I avoid having to download resources in full again each time I need them, when I have already done it once?
A. You can use a browser such as Mozilla Firefox, which stores your downloads in a place where you can easily find them again (in Tools / downloads). In Internet Explorer, you can also go to Tools / Internet Options / Advanced, and under the Security section, uncheck the box that says ‘Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed’. This will enable the resource to re-load locally.

Q. My browser will not load the resources.
A. Some browsers, eg Google’s Chrome, cannot be globally set to allow popups. You will need to allow each one individually. If the ‘notify me when a popup is blocked’ setting has been previously unchecked in Chrome, you will not be notified. To switch notification back on, go to the Toolbox, click on Options, then click ‘Under the Hood’. Under ‘Web content’, check the box that says ‘notify me when a popup is blocked’. Thereafter, use the ‘Popups blocked‘ dialogue to view resources.
If you continue to have problems, trying updating or changing your browser. The site works best with Internet Explorer 7, and Mozilla Firefox 3.3.

Q. Some resources load very slowly.
A. This is partly a function of your download speeds and partly a question of how content-rich the resources are. All have been optimised for the web, but some resources, for instance Personal Tutor presentations and videos, are very large files, so take longer to download. Once fully downloaded, however, they will play at normal speeds.